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Paycheck Planner - Step One

Paycheck Planner - Step One

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Learn the basics of budgeting with a simplified planner to kick start your budgeting journey!

Get your finances in order and stop living stressed about paying bills while dealing with the constant uncertainty that comes from being a part of the military community.

After years of budgeting, struggling with finances, succeeding and the failing only to start again, I tried many budget methods, researched, self-taught, and more only to continually find I was not finding a product that worked simply. Nor was there a product that helped me learn in steps instead of throwing everything budgeting at me all at once.

I figured out an approach to attacking my finances that was simplified and didn't overwhelm me when going to work on my finances each paycheck. Most budget products I used previously either were too basic or contained so many pages that I didn't use or were not ready for. I constantly paid for budget planners that a majority of the pages were wasted or they just didn't have the necessary portions to keep me going each month.

This budgeting tool will help you get organized, budget your paychecks, start working on saving money, paying off debt, and get you comfortable with budgeting to prepare you for the next learning steps in budgets and finances.

The Paycheck Planner has enough Paycheck Budgets for each month to work with whatever pay schedule you are on, weekly, monthly, or twice a month!

I have been where you are, having been a military spouse for 18+ years, battling the financial fall-out of cross-country moves, deployments, job search struggles, and more. I was that spouse and mom constantly looking for ways to help our finances and get our budgets in control all while battling debt. 

I get it, I know your struggle, I feel your stress. I want to help. 

I took it upon myself to find a better way; so, I created a simplified, learning in steps method of budgeting and finances.

Introducing the Paycheck Planner - Step One.


  • Fully undated 6-month financial workbook following the Paycheck Planner Step method
  • Helpful & motivational quotes each month
  • Fun designs separating each month (no tab dividers due to being undated)
  • Printed on 80lb quality premium paper to prevent bleeding and reduce tears
  • Durable 110lb matte laminated front and back cover
  • Spiral bound with white wire-o binding
  • 6.69" wide x 9.61" long x .5" high
  • 0.6oz.
What You Get:
  • Steps to getting started
  • List of budgeting terms and definitions
  • 2 pages - Getting Started Spending Tracker
  • Bills planning overview
  • Subscriptions & Memberships planning overview
  • Savings planning overview 
  • Debts planning overview
  • Goals planning overview
  • 2 page monthly spread calendar overview per month
  • 4 - Paycheck Budgets per month
  • 4 - Cash Breakdowns per month
  • 4 - Spending Trackers per month
  • Budget (6 month) Check In
We make every effort to present the products as accurately as possible. Please understand there may be unavoidable variations between onscreen colors and actual printed colors due to variations in monitors and small differences in the wire-o binding.

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