What Are The Paycheck Planner Steps?

Step One: Basic Budgeting Per Paycheck

Budgeting your paycheck, tracking your expenses, savings/sinking funds, extra debt & savings payments, and assigning every penny of your income to do a specific job.

Step Two: Spending Categories 

Identifying & creating spending categories, tracking your category totals, calculating % of income spent per category, and comparing category spending per month.

Step Three: Savings Categories

Calculating % of income saved per savings category and overall % of income saved per month.

Step Four: Debt Categories

Calculating % of income paid towards debt and overall % of income spent per month on debt.

Step Five: Debt Payment Plan

Calculating debt progress per month and overall debt progress.

Step Six: Net Worth

Understanding assets and liabilities. Calculating total net worth per month and comparing net worth each month.