About Me

Hey there!
I am Darci and it's great to have you here with me!
As a prior military spouse of 18+ years living the military lifestyle and spending countless months, days, and hours working on budgets to make military pay work in various locations, I know just how crazy it can be managing your finances!
The Penny Budget was started so I can take what I learned and make it available to all in hopes of helping others with their financial journey.
For a decade I worked in various military units helping families with resources and information, and I am passing along my knowledge to you in an easy access format.
I have tried many different budget plans, and followed multiple budgeting experts, to piece together a simplified budgeting system tailored to work for not only myself, but for other military families and anyone else in need of a good budgeting system.
I am with you in this journey and I want to be by your side each step of the way. I don’t promise that your financial struggles will be gone in a week or you will magically have money saved immediately, or that your debt will disappear in the first year. What I can promise is that if you commit to start this journey, you will find it becomes easier to get in the habit of taking care of your financial health.
Let’s take this journey together!
With love,